An overview of what you can expect from Customs brokers in Canada!

An overview of what you can expect from Customs brokers in Canada!

If you are considering a business that involves importing goods into Canada, you should pay close attention to regulations and laws related to Customs. You have to work with Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) for getting your shipments, and it is absolutely necessary that you adhere to the norms and regulations and pay the necessary charges and taxes. In case you don’t know how to get ahead with it, hiring a Customs broker might be a good idea. For the uninitiated, Customs brokers are licensed by Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and they help clients in completing formalities related to imports. Known services like Clearit customs brokerage are extremely useful for businesses and individuals alike, and here’s what you can expect from such brokers.

Understanding imports better

Importers are required to be compliant to importing norms and regulations. As an importer, you should be knowing what you are doing and must pay the duties, taxes, charges as appropriate. If you overpay GST and other charges, the same can be recovered, provided you are ready to complete the required paperwork. For most people, documentation and understanding applicable regulations, charges and other aspects are the most confusing aspects. Decoding Customs topics is not easy, and that’s exactly where you can contact Customs brokers.

Get consultation for your importing needs

Depending on the nature of your operations, you may need a Customs broker at various stages, but most importantly, they help you understand the basic aspects. The list may include things valuation of duties, tariff treatments, penalties and refunds, special assessments, trade agreements, duty draw backs and so on. They will also help with     AMPS compliance audits and preparation of documents, and if you have overpaid your taxes, they will help you recover the same and make the most of exemptions to minimize costs. Think of Customs brokers as your extended wing for all kinds of things related to imports, and while their services come for a price, they are worth paying. Most of the known services have a fair charge for consultation, which allows you to focus on one aspect that needs your most attention – Your business.

Final word

Don’t undermine the work of a Customs broker by any means. They are here for help, and while there is no law that states that you must hire a service, consider getting a good Customs broker onboard, just to ease business and the way you operate.