4 Best Restaurants in Jakarta, Indonesia

4 Best Restaurants in Jakarta, Indonesia

As Southeast Asia’s biggest town, Jakarta has a public restaurant spectacle which makes it feasible to taste regional dishes from various portions of Indonesia. Here are the 4 best places to enjoy Jakarta’s top cuisine.

Marco Padang Grill

Marco Padang Grill specializes in authentic Padang food, a type of cuisine which originates in West Sumatra. Dishes typically include coconut and chili, and this manner of cuisine is traditionally eaten with your hands. In Marco Padang Grill, Chef Marco Lim brings Jakarta an upscale version of this exceptional cuisine, drawing recipes from his own Sumatran heritage. The restaurant’s interior is intimate yet unpretentious, with low lighting, bold black and red furniture, and exposed brick walls. Try out NasiSayur, the restaurant’s signature dish that is made with steamed rice, sautéed veggies, curry sauce, red and green chilies, and dried beef.


Burgreens serves delicious vegetarian cuisine in a relaxed environment. Founders Max Mandias and Helga Angelina goal to present healthful, organic cuisine to Jakarta, producing dishes that contain vegetables sourced straight from local farms.  Even though the restaurant’s mission may seem lofty, its menu is playful. Try out the ‘Mini Trio,’ that consists of 3 well-charred miniature hamburger made from mushrooms, legumes, garbanzo beans, and beans, served with sweet potato chips instead of traditional Fries. Burgreens feels totally removed from the crowds and noise of Jakarta, with its passionate owners making the atmosphere feel welcoming and laid-back.

Angke Rest

Indonesia’s cuisine is profoundly connected with the Chinese immigrants who have come to this country through the years, who brought their rich culinary traditions with them. Angke Rest is among the best places to get a taste for Jakarta’s Hakka Chinese cuisine. The restaurant’s spacious dining area attests to its popularity, with meals served at a grand banquet style. The menu provides a broad selection of chicken, vegetarian, beef, pork, and seafood dishes, along with soups and salads. Highlights include the roasted duck and the TaugeCahIkanAsin (sautéed bean sprouts with dried fish).

Bandar Djakarta

There’s nearly always a wait to get a table at this regional favorite seafood restaurant, but it is worthy of joining the line-up for some of the freshest seafood within the city. In Bandar Djakarta, diners select their lobsters, crabs, clams, along with other seafood from the restaurant’s aquarium, making sure the dishes are incredibly fresh. After deciding what to eat, diners tell the chefs precisely how they’d like it cooked, whether it is grilled, steamed, boiled or fried. Service is fast and friendly, and the atmosphere is always lively. The restaurant currently has numerous locations around Jakarta, all which continue to pack in eager diners every day of the week.

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